Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers lolita date

Had a small lolita date with a couple of my lolita friends. Sadly, most of the girls I invited wasn't able to make it. I still had fun though. And so happy to meet a new-found friend.

My look that day~

My second time with my new beloved: Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap~ Omnomnomnom. Now I'm craving for one. ;A;

From left: My new adorable friend, Hye Kyo, Xiar, me, and Ysaii posing in front of an Avenger's poster.

I wasn't able to have my outfit taken for we were so busy chatting. Anyway, here's a rundown.

Dress: customized | cardigan, bow and socks: Labyrinth Garden |  Shoes: Montreal

And just because everybody seems to have a picture like this, so did I. XD

My co-admin is arranging another meet for the last week of May. We'd love to meet more lolita friends. Stay tuned by following our page: Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community.