Sunday, April 22, 2012

OOTD: Red red Madeleine

My outfit for school last Tuesday. I kind of surprised the folks in school seeing me with longer hair. But meh, they are used to seeing me with different hairstyles since last year was a total whirlwind of hairstyle changes for me.

Vintage dress - Quiapo, Manila | Eggplant beret - Dorotee Sweetlips (made by me) | White poppies - Handmade | Wig - Koizumi Riza

I named this outfit after the children's book character, Madeleine since one of my friends coined that term when he saw me, haha! I was indeed trying to pull off a little London girl look. Too bad the weather is too hot to wear boots or leggings with it. ;A;

I love my wig. Although I have a hard time managing curly wigs, I love how it eases my longing for my long hair. I had to cut my hair three months ago because of excessive hair fall due to constant styling and dyeing and bleaching. My wig arrived late though due to schedule conflicts with the courier but I'm glad the seller was nice enough to help me and stay in contact with me during the process. I recommend Koizumi Riza for your wig needs. ~ <3

-Justine Chantelle