Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steamdress - Alice Madness: Returns

Here is the Alice Steampunk dress my friend, Caz, commissioned me. This is one of the many amazing costumes that was used in the game itself. Too bad though I am not really a fan of games with gore. I'm a little jumpy by nature so.. haha!

Base dress is made out of suede and polyester.

Corset belt and apron is made of leatherette and has plastic bones. I think this is my favorite part.. not only because it was my second time to make a corset but I sewn the pieces together by hand. My portable machine can't handle it's thickness so yea, I got no choice but to hand sew it.

Small belts for the arms. I had to use contact cement (a.k.a Rugby) to glue the strips altogether.

Shameless plug! You might want to see Caz's cosplay and her make-up creations on her page, Amadeobeloved. She will be holding a contest once she reached 100 likes. Like like like!

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