Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

I wasn't able to spend the heart's day with my beau due to he had to attend his classes and I also got some work to do. I didn't even remember until the ticket inspector from the bus greeted me a 'Happy Valentines Day.' That is also when I remembered it was my sister's birthday as well. Good thing I was on my way to get some supplies. I was able to get a little something for her, at least.

Five hours were spent doing some assignments from home and hunting for notions. And in between those, I managed to find a few little sweethearts for myself. Yes, in order to love must learn to love yourself. :)

While some of you might have noticed, I am taking a break from lolita. I still want to dress up but it is impractical especially with my current situation at home. I always had to take care of adult stuff. Yes, I talk to different professionals everyday..even a lawyer so yep I had to tone down for a little while so people would take me seriously.

Above is a cute tube x shorts I scored in a thrift store. It's comfy and casual but still looks cute yet sophisticated if styled properly. And the bow! I wouldn't probably notice it if it weren't for the bow!

 And lookie at these cutie patootie fake nails. Yes, yes! Bows again, haha!

At home, my cousin prepared a yummy dinner for my sister's birthday. To my surprise, my sisters gave me these handmade cards and said, "Aww. Wait. What?" I was confused because I wasn't the birthday girl and after having a good laugh, I saw they are Valentine cards. It was really nice and sweet.

How about you? How did you spend your Valentines? :)