Friday, January 27, 2012

Off we sail!

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Dotty Summer

Fresh from the sewing machine.

A commissioned dress for my client, Gee. Polkadots cotton adorned with tulle lace, venise lace, and ribbon


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It's official. I'm depressed.

Although it's a little bit odd or childish it may seem. Yes, I'm declaring the entirity of it now here in my blog simply because I have no one and nothing else to talk about it with.. or should I say, comfortable enough? I'm still blessed though. I have my dog sitting by my side as I write this emotional masterpiece at exactly 4:13 in the morning.

I never felt so alone..

The exact feeling I am feeling right now is.. no matter how many people claim or truly care about me, nobody could actually join me in this time of unhappiness. Time is passing so fast and every people I know has a life to attend to and I am too shy to ask for a second of it. Or perhaps, I am shy because I can't bear to take a moment out of that contentment they have right now. They deserve it. And I just can't bear to demand for a piece of it. From close friends, to siblings, to significant other.. I don't have the stomach to rattle the peace.

Looking on the brighter side, I wonder. Will this grief lead me to a better output of my work? Like those many famous artists? It would be a treat though.. But I wouldn't really want to die unhappy nor would I want to kill myself.

Time.. it has been fleeting. And I wonder where will myself lead me next. I don't know what I exactly want or need. Do I just need somebody who could join me? I can't even tell if I really wanted that. I'm too comfortable here.. within myself.

It's 4:36 AM, back to work..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Bridal~


It seems that I can't go back to my routine as quickly as I wanted to. My responsibilities as one of the eldest in the family, as a designer/entrepreneur, and as a student kept on clashing. So many things to do, so little time..

Even so, it's a learning experience. I got to appreciate every free time I got for myself. And thanks to the non-working holiday today for the Chinese New Year, I have more time to rest even though I'm running with a cold and fever. >.<

One of my latest creations is this terno. My Aunt asked me to make a gown for her for she was one of the principal sponsors of my cousin's wedding. It was nice of her to ask me for I had never made a dress before for a wedding. And I had never made a terno before too. It was a challenging task but I grew when I did it.

Terno made out of Pinya jusi fabric with organza as interlining and silk satin as lining. It has stylized butterfly sleeves and adorned with glass beads.


Me and Auntie during the wedding.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Most Widely Used Engagement Rings Alternatives

Basically we love the classic appearance of diamonds, diamond engagement ring alternatives have been in (as predicted within our 2018 engagement ring trends), and it is a pattern we do not see dying out in the near future! Let us check out the five most widely used diamond engagement ring alternatives .

Sapphires happen to be popular for a long time, mainly in the royal courts. They seem elegant and complicated. It's really no question that when Kate Middleton's ring (initially Princess Diana's) grew to become a speaking reason for modern culture, a lot of women required notice. Today, blue sapphires are visible in a variety of shades, such as this light vibrant blue azure ring above. A stone such as this adds an additional degree of uniqueness in the classical fast hues you'd normally find to have an alternative diamond engagement ring.

2. Pink Sapphires
Rose gold may be the new "it" metal for somebody who desires a diamond ring that appears soft and romantic. With fashion icons, like Lauren Conrad, choosing this pink metal, women everywhere have started to take serious notice. To go with the nice and cozy coloring of the rose gold ring, pink sapphires have began to get extremely popular. The ring featured above shows an easy pink azure occur rose gold that's beautiful and female.

3. Combine Gemstone Stacks
Funnel your inner fashionista with this particular unique undertake a diamond ring. Matching and mixing gemstone bands with various metals, styles and colors to produce your personal fashionable stack of rings in your left hands may be the newest craze for alternative diamond engagement rings. Some women are ditching the classic diamond engagement ring turn to rather create their very own customized gemstone stack. After this trend, new bands could be added for various wedding anniversaries or big milestones later on.

Want something unique that will certainly stick out? Then emeralds may be the gemstone alternative you had been searching for. These stunning eco-friendly gemstones are beautiful and eye-catching. They are also loosely linked to Irish culture, a terrific way to celebrate your heritage. Then add sparkle towards the ring by setting an emerald stone inside a gemstone halo or adding diamonds across the gang of the ring. A thing of caution though... some gemstones like emeralds are relatively soft, so make certain they're set in a manner that protects the gem and steer clear of this method if you're hard to deal with.

5. Colored Diamonds
Colored diamonds are earning a significant splash within the diamond engagement ring world. While without color diamonds happen to be standard for a lot of decades, unique and rare colored diamonds like yellow, pink or blue gemstone rings, have began to get more and more popular. Rich in profile celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson sporting amethyst engagement ring, it's really no secret these colored special gems will make heads turn. (Find out more about colored diamonds and discover why they're so rare.)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brazilian Lace Closures Create Natural Looks With Versatile Strands

Essentially a hair piece that resembles a laced crown with strands, lace closures need to be well-made and woven with authentic Virgin wefts, frequently present in trustworthy hair extension the likes of Her Hair Company, to avoid possible damage. Virgin hair extensions from established vendors are correctly threaded in to the lacework, without needing an excessive amount of pressure in your original hair and scalp roots throughout the installation. Despite being near to the scalp, natural hair arranged into cornrows beneath the lacework can also be protected against added stress for extended usage.

Much like hair bundle products, closure pieces provide the same advantages of testing out different colors and textures that you might be unable to have with natural hair. Either letting lengthy black tresses flow or cutting individuals blonde curls, this hair addition allows you to experience hairstyles you most most likely would need to pay more for in salons, or cause hair thinning problems if completed with natural locks.

The very best lace closure weaves have based crowns that mirror your scalp and lace fronts that suit and blend well using the complexion from the brow. Most celebrity hairstylists are expert only at that, using their clients having the ability to don various hairstyles for each appearance.
Being placed close to the skin on the top of the mind, lace closures are unlikely to create harm to hair, unless of course if it's worn too tight, which could eventually create unnecessary tension around the roots, resulting in breakage and weakening from the strands. It is also vital that you perform regular washing and rinsing from the hair despite the additional threads to get rid of the risk of chemical or particle buildup.

When having your hair weave done, make certain that the stylist has sufficient understanding on hair enhancements to make sure proper application.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Gaia Maidens: Black Melancholia

Third set for the Upcycled Fantasies by Dorotee Sweetlips. The Gaia Maidens collection is composed of four nature inspired dress sets and will be be released one each at a time.

I call this set, Black Melancholia. Made out of upcycled materials, deconstructed, cut, sewn and designed by yours truly. Inner blouse is sponsored by our sister shop, Labyrinth Garden and will come with the set for free.

If you are interested in purchasing this, you may do so in Dorotee Sweetlips website. Upcycled Fantasies is a project in support of The Earth Friendly Lolita Project. 50% of the proceeds will be donated in kind to CARA Welfare Philippines.

This dress is already pre-reserved by a client and friend.

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