Friday, December 16, 2011

Of sadness and anger

Sorry for those who found me gloomy during the past weeks. It has been very hard for me to go on with my normal routine ever since my Mama passed away. While I may find ways to cheer up myself, there are little things that kept on reminding me how different it is now without my Mama. I have always been independent when it comes to financial needs. I financed my own business. I sent myself to school. But I know deep inside, I am still a child who needs the love and care that only a mother can give. I miss my Mama.

Things would have been a lot easier at home without our cousins pestering us. They wanted a piece of the pie of whatever my parents have left. If I was an only child, I would be very glad to leave this place altogether and start a new life on my own, keeping in touch of the people who makes me happy. After all, I kept telling myself, what I am now is more than enough. No million-worth cash can replace the good life, values and education my parents have given me. Nobody can steal my heart and my mind.

Please pray for me that I may be more strong and patient.