Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maecia Musical OP

Just finished Maecia Musical OP commission for my client and friend, Patricia Villamil. I didn't sleep just to accomplish this job. I needed to for I'm already losing track of my schedule. I'm supposed to work on a fashion show I am working on by October and hello? It's already October 5. I'm 5 days late.

Anyway, on the dress..

I decided to make it shorter to emphasize the slight curve of the top skirt. Also, scarcity of fabric, yes. My client provided the fabric so I'm kinda thankful that I was still able to do the frills on the hemline.

A medium sized layered bow for the hair.
Venise and eyelet laces for accents.

Bustle skirt.

Those laces are such a steal. I wish I was able to get more from my supplier.

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