Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Slim's at 50 years Exhibit 2011

Late blog post is late. Blame it on my frequent short memory span recently. Of all the things I would forget: Le Camera. So sorry for a not-so-appealing photographs this time.

Anyway, three of my works were picked for the Slim's Fashion and Arts school 50th anniversary exhibit two weeks ago. I'm very proud to be a part of the very intimate Slim's family. Our school has brought success to many designers who are very famous not only locally but also internationally. Some of them are: Micheal Cinco, Oliver Tolentino, and Cesar Gaupo. I hope one day, my hardwork and my choice of choosing Slim's for my fashion education would also bring success in my career. Everybody is just so inspiring. I'm very happy to be surrounded by these awesome people. <3

My works

I take pride of the amazing Slim's craftmanship!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Slim's @ 50

I just checked my email and saw my special invitation for PFW next week. The show includes the best alumnis of the school I am attending to: Slim's Fashion and Arts school. Two of my classmates who just nailed the Preview Emerging Fashion Talent Awards recently will also be showing their works there.

See you there!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What he thinks, he becomes

Today, I just made a decision to focus on my true goals and set aside things that is of lesser value to me. As much as I wanted to do each and every one of my plans, projects, etc, it's time to grow and weigh things. I need to pay more attention to long-term activities now than to those that can only give my work 15 minutes of fame. I am young and I easily get distracted with bits and bits and chunks and chunks of limelight but I thought, is this what I really want to be? 

unfinished illustration by yours truly, Justine Chantelle

I have to set my priorities straight. It doesn't matter now if it means letting go of many things that distracts me. And though I hate to mention it, it includes the starting point of this all: Lolita. While it has opened my eyes to my interest on fashion designing, I realized now that it has kept me imprisoned and trapped with all the elements that completes it. I still love it. It will forever be part of my youth, my younger self. But having true love for it doesn't mean it will be the only thing I can do. It's still too dressy to be considered usual but whether you agree or not, it's not as uncommon as it was in the beginning. I am letting some of it go because I want to innovate. I want to create my own brand.

My mentors in school have asked me to focus completely with my education by attending school 6x/week. Although it would be a total mess with my current schedule, I had to do it. I know they know the best for me. I am currently under intensive training and learning for a competition they have asked for me to join to represent the school. I am going to be busy until half of next year. Alleluia! May the heavens be with me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Over the hills, lies a new beginning

October 12 2011 | Normal school day | Black hair | 76 months dinner date | Mall of Asia

Blouse: Labyrinth Garden | Skirt, bow, pumps: customized

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Maecia Musical OP

Just finished Maecia Musical OP commission for my client and friend, Patricia Villamil. I didn't sleep just to accomplish this job. I needed to for I'm already losing track of my schedule. I'm supposed to work on a fashion show I am working on by October and hello? It's already October 5. I'm 5 days late.

Anyway, on the dress..

I decided to make it shorter to emphasize the slight curve of the top skirt. Also, scarcity of fabric, yes. My client provided the fabric so I'm kinda thankful that I was still able to do the frills on the hemline.

A medium sized layered bow for the hair.
Venise and eyelet laces for accents.

Bustle skirt.

Those laces are such a steal. I wish I was able to get more from my supplier.

Commission me? Email me at jcaabad@yahoo.com

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

150+ mark giveaway~

I just noticed today that this blog has already 150+ readers. It's only 6 months old but thank you so much for the warm welcome. I still have no idea what I shall give away but I'll post about it pretty soon. Thanks and have a nice day! <3

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Magical Three

I'm supposed to be in bed by this time but this is what happens when you procrastinate a lot. You end up doing everything on the last minute. :|

Anyway, here are my designs for the winners of my giveaway last month. It's still for approval but I'll work on them next.

Polkadots ensemble for Key Bobadilla.

Alice inspired ensemble for Suok Jiuan

Jack inspired ensemble for Caz Buss

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adorned with ivory and wine

Paid a visit to the annual anime convention, Cosmania, yesterday. I arrived late so I missed a lot of my friends. Still, it's still worth a visit since I got to hang out with my old friends which I haven't seen in ages. I miss the old times.

Would you believe that this outfit is 90% thrifted? Yes it is.

Red Velveteen dress, Cream lace coat, White floral pantyhose, Red doll shoes - THRIFT | Dying roses barette -Toxic Kitty | Carriage Necklace - local market

Say hi to my best bud, Amaru. I can never get closer to any guy than it was with him without malice. Again, I miss the old times when 90% of my friends were men. Men don't usually settle with prolonged drama, but only clean fun. Old times.. old times..