Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recent acquisitions | Maecia Musical OP commission

I've been treating myself with simple things during the past days for survival. I think I made a big mess with my time and business management. My list of commissions is out of control. Worse is, I haven't made any good savings. Most of it went to paying for my tuition and other bills and the rest.. I don't know. So, here are some photos of the stuff I hauled this week. Most of them are actually pretty cheap. Just something to lift up the mood. :3

A little sexy for my taste but I'll try to pull it off in a modest way. lol.

Ooh. a new wallet, finally! I've been stuck with my old broken wallet since forever and I wasn't able to replace it right away because I can't find any that's pretty enough. Wallets are not always cheap so it's pretty hard to find a good one. And, stationary! I like writing notes of reminders and I usually send notes to my clients too as a token of my appreciation. Ichigo cake and ice cream yay~

Undies. lol. I can't believe I'm actually posting these but I'm also a sucker for cute underwear. XD

Some fabrics for my projects in school. Mmm. I'm kind of having a second thought with the blue one with kitties. It's too cute. I want to use it for something else. 
I still have lots of other stuff here but I think they wouldn't be much interesting. Sooo.. moving on. I'm currently doing a commission for my client and friend, Patricia. She goes by the alias of Maecia in the internet so I called the design, Maecia Musical. I hope to finish this by the weekend so I could move on to another commission. I need to work out my working plan more. >.<