Sunday, September 4, 2011

My opinions about the 'What Not To Wear' episode featuring a lolita


This is the clash I am talking about when alternative fashion and media-exposed fashion crowd collide. It's like the theater vs. TV. They look similar but they are completely two different things. Lolita exists because people fall in love with it not because other people say it's the trend. Alternative fashion or lolita was born because people wanted to find their own style, not to follow others'.

I don't know how to put my feelings on words but this show is nothing but rude and insensitive. Your ideal is not always everyone's ideal. Personally, I, too, have a fashion style that I consider ugly. But I don't go all the way rushing on someone who wears it and tell him/her s/he shouldn't wear it. What made your opinions be the basis of what is beautiful anyway?

To the hosts and to the show, your clothes are okay. Well, something people like you would wear. It's expected.. We, lolitas, like surprises though. That's why our fashion have lived for years without having to come and go. Just sayin' :)