Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dead Roses: modified pumps

This have been waiting to be posted for weeks already but I got really busy with my birthday. So busy that I overlooked my pending couture jobs and it had me sleepless during the past three days. Never again try to forget about work. T3T

Moving on, I have modified a pair of my beloved pumps weeks ago. They're already chipping but I can't seem to let them go just yet because they look good on my feet. You know those times that you see some shoes that you like but they look weird when worn? That happens a lot to me so I'm a sucker for these type of shoes since they make my feet look slender and feminine.

The actual shoes. It's a white double strap pumps.

And! the finished product. They look a little messy since you see the unfinished edges on the insides but they look just perfectly fine when worn. I wasn't able to take any progress photos because this is just one of my very spontaneous creative activities. Blame insomnia.

Hmm, I realized I need more black pieces for my wardrobe. Let's see what can I do about that. :)