Monday, August 8, 2011

Zark's burgers

My beau treated me to a dinner date last Saturday in Zarks burgers. It's been a while since we ate REAL burgers. Ohhh. I miss that full pack of cholesterol in a bun. :)

I wore something dark and simple for I slept the whole day and only prepared when he sent me an SMS that he's on his way. My eyes look chinky here. That's because I just woke up. :b

Dress: pre-order
bow: handmade

They have this "Wall of Fame" for those who passes their Tombstone challenge. Tombstone is the biggest burger in their menu. Cool. Reminds me so much of "Man vs. Food."

My order, the Ultimate Burger. It's really big. I had a hard time eating it. :b


Err. okay. I need to end this post asap. I'm drooling here. :))

Rating: 5/5! I think theirs is the best burger I ever tasted in my entire life yet. I do love BK and Wendy's but they still have this 'fastfood' feel. I'm definitely going back. :)

Zark's burger is located in Archer's Nook (in front of DLSU-M), Taft Ave. Manila.
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