Monday, August 15, 2011

When life gets complicated, it's time to be a cat.

It seems like I have started this week on a downside. Some people are just too difficult. That is normal, yes. But some are just too clingy.. too clingy that you would even compare them to a green boogie. Dirty, unnecessary, and full of shit. All you can do is take them out of your system but bleh, they just come and come.

But I write now to invite brighter feelings.

Cats. The love of my life.

Cats have been my favorite animal ever since I was a child. I have adopted countless stray cats from over the years. I love them because they are not difficult. They brush their head on your feet to tell you they love you. They would hiss if they hate you. They show the real state of whatever they feel about you. If they love you, they show it. If not, they show it. Just plain and difficulties.

I wish people are as simple.

On photos is my kitty, Lily