Friday, August 5, 2011

Wednesday Blues~

I wasn't able to attend my Monday and Tuesday class due to heavy rain brought by a storm. I don't really like going out of the house when it rains for it easily get flooded in my area and the streets are muddy. Plus, I easily get sick when exposed to cold weather.

Yesterday, the weather was a bit okay. It's still raining but not as much as it was during the past two days. I left early and went for a coffee first in Starbucks near school. I didn't get any sleep that night for I am sewing some outfits for a shoot this Saturday.

My dress for the day.

I'm not really adventurous when it comes to beverages but out of curiosity, I tried their new Black Sesame Green Tea Cream Frap.

It was okay. I forgot I never liked the taste of green tea and I weird-ed out with the taste of black sesame. I think I would leave it to my biscuits next time. Good thing it's frap and it's sweet I was able to consume the whole thing.

Outfit shot with my kitty, Lily. <3

JSK: customized/vintage
white cardigan: Anna Sui
bow: handmade
shoes and lace socks: thrift