Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little change..

I have decided to finally let go of my old cyber alias, jajaneko. I'm getting old and I figured I need to become more formal and professional if I seek to become a professional designer. I want my real life identity to match online as well. So yep, if you noticed, my url in this blog has been changed. Most of my jajaneko accounts has been renamed, if not, deleted. Though, I can't do that to my deviantart account. lol. XD I'll just buy a domain for it though.

I also plan to buy the label 'Justine Chantelle' to brand the pieces I make. Dorotee Sweetlips will be a sub-label of Justine Chantelle for I still want a different plane for my lolita work. I treat lolita as a big part of my youth and it has been my stepping stone towards the world of fashion. It's my comfort zone. Dorotee Sweetlips will forever exist so that when I get old or feel too old, I can always go back home and be young again.

Anyway, I just bought a domain for this blog. I would have to fix it now. Thanks for reading!