Monday, August 1, 2011

Coffee @ Country Style and Cavite Fashion Congress

Me and Mommy Abie went to a coffee date last Saturday in their local mall in Bacoor, Cavite, PH. It became a habit for me to visit her at least once a week due to business reasons primarily but I also visit simply because I want to visit her. :3

There was a fashion event that day in SM Bacoor mall. We got curious for technically, Cavite is still considered a province in our Region. These type of events doesn't happen there very often so we decided to take a look.

It's kinda surprising to see common folks watch the show. I know that it's a mall but I was expecting at least a hint of fashion enthusiasts to be present. Apparently, even though I look like this in a daily basis, we appeared to be too dolled-up as an audience. I could tell for some watchers chose to stare at us rather than to watch the show. Haha! :)

I'm not really happy with the set so I am only posting photos of clothes that were at least, okay. I have worked behind fashion shows before and I wish there were more effort given for this talent showcase. It's the first fashion event in Cavite. I just thought it's kinda sad.

We met the organizer, stylist, some models, and one of the designers after the show. They are kind enough to exchange cards for future possible collabs.

We decided to have a coffee in Country Style after. I missed their donuts. 

 We talked about our preparations for Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community's second anniversary event that time. Talk about 'business'. :)


We dropped by in one of the accessories store there before heading back to Mommy Abie's house. I just love this mirror. Too bad it's not for sale.

And! outfit shot before I end this post.

Beret and skirt: made by me
Plum boots and blouse: thrift
Paisley stockings: local market