Friday, August 26, 2011

New face..

Hello. This post is going to be very quick because I'm also very sleepy already.

Finally, although some add-ons in this site have been reset, my blog has now it's own home.
I welcome you to . Hope more of you guys would enjoy your stay here in my humble site.

Good night everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A little change..

I have decided to finally let go of my old cyber alias, jajaneko. I'm getting old and I figured I need to become more formal and professional if I seek to become a professional designer. I want my real life identity to match online as well. So yep, if you noticed, my url in this blog has been changed. Most of my jajaneko accounts has been renamed, if not, deleted. Though, I can't do that to my deviantart account. lol. XD I'll just buy a domain for it though.

I also plan to buy the label 'Justine Chantelle' to brand the pieces I make. Dorotee Sweetlips will be a sub-label of Justine Chantelle for I still want a different plane for my lolita work. I treat lolita as a big part of my youth and it has been my stepping stone towards the world of fashion. It's my comfort zone. Dorotee Sweetlips will forever exist so that when I get old or feel too old, I can always go back home and be young again.

Anyway, I just bought a domain for this blog. I would have to fix it now. Thanks for reading!

Outfit Post: 08-17-11

School clothes again. :3

Blouse - Labyrinth Garden | Skirt - Selfmade | Bow - Selfmade | Mercury shoes - Thrift

Monday, August 22, 2011

Outfit Post: 08-16-11

My outfit to school last Tuesday.

Blouse- Labyrinth Garden | Skirt- vintage | Bow- selfmade | Shoes- Local market

Lookie what I found last week!

It's my dream shoes! Not the original Westwood x Melissa though but I'm still happy I found it. I don't usually buy anything from any thrift store for a price of 480php. But you know, I LOVE THESE SHOES!

Still in mint condition. My size and my preferred color!

love it so much I don't know what to say! :))

God loves me. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Limited Edition: Maria Antonia

My latest design, Maria Antonia.

This one is limited due to scarcity of materials. Deeply inspired by the late French Queen, Marie Antoinette. I find it amusing that I find inspiration from interesting girls both real and unreal. The last dress is almost done too and it's also inspired by a woman. :)

It will be available for purchase in my page. Please watch out for it. And my dress giveaway is still ongoing. We still have three weeks so join now~

Up close. The heart pockets are functional. I noticed I'm having a pocket addiction recently. Teehee.


Pink x blonde + photoshoot!

I've been itching to blog this but I had to finish some dresses over the weekend. I'll be posting them today too so please watch out.

Me and Mommy Abie was invited for a shoot last Sunday. It was for a magazine project by the photographer herself, Lycka. I should've suggested more of my lolita friends to her earlier so it could have been a mini lolita meet. Pardon my absent minded-ness. hrhr.

Anyway, I dyed parts of my hair pink last week. What do you think? I'm getting tired bleaching my roots over and over again so this is going to be my final hair murder and I'm dying my hair brown again. My hair fall has been excessive ever since I turned blonde and it freaks me out. Time to give my hair some love this time.

My first outfit for the shoot.

Dress: customized
Fluffy jacket: thrift
Shoes: Bodyline
Bow: handmade

My second ensemble.

Blouse: local
skirt: customized
Brooch and bow: handmade
boots: thrift

I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend so I will be lost again during the whole week. Plan plan plan! <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

When life gets complicated, it's time to be a cat.

It seems like I have started this week on a downside. Some people are just too difficult. That is normal, yes. But some are just too clingy.. too clingy that you would even compare them to a green boogie. Dirty, unnecessary, and full of shit. All you can do is take them out of your system but bleh, they just come and come.

But I write now to invite brighter feelings.

Cats. The love of my life.

Cats have been my favorite animal ever since I was a child. I have adopted countless stray cats from over the years. I love them because they are not difficult. They brush their head on your feet to tell you they love you. They would hiss if they hate you. They show the real state of whatever they feel about you. If they love you, they show it. If not, they show it. Just plain and difficulties.

I wish people are as simple.

On photos is my kitty, Lily

Outfit Post: 08-10-11

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Outfit Post: 08-09-11

Outfit Rundown:
dress: local market
head piece: handmade
necklace: thrift

Monday, August 8, 2011

Zark's burgers

My beau treated me to a dinner date last Saturday in Zarks burgers. It's been a while since we ate REAL burgers. Ohhh. I miss that full pack of cholesterol in a bun. :)

I wore something dark and simple for I slept the whole day and only prepared when he sent me an SMS that he's on his way. My eyes look chinky here. That's because I just woke up. :b

Dress: pre-order
bow: handmade

They have this "Wall of Fame" for those who passes their Tombstone challenge. Tombstone is the biggest burger in their menu. Cool. Reminds me so much of "Man vs. Food."

My order, the Ultimate Burger. It's really big. I had a hard time eating it. :b


Err. okay. I need to end this post asap. I'm drooling here. :))

Rating: 5/5! I think theirs is the best burger I ever tasted in my entire life yet. I do love BK and Wendy's but they still have this 'fastfood' feel. I'm definitely going back. :)

Zark's burger is located in Archer's Nook (in front of DLSU-M), Taft Ave. Manila.
Like their Facebook page here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Into the Woods limited edition JSK + contest!

I'll be releasing THREE limited edition pieces of my design this month in celebration of Dorotee Sweetlips' 3rd year anniversary.

Let me start with a punk lolita ensemble that I call, "Into the Woods."

I am feeling adventurous in using prints with these trio so they will be a little bit striking to the eye than my usual peg.

The dress will be available for purchase on Dorotee Sweetlips' page tonight.

And here's me, modeling the JSK. I shot this 7am in the morning. I was sooo sleepy! D:

A preview of the contest I will be holding in Dorotee Sweetlips' Facebook page.
I'll be posting the details about it in a few~

Friday, August 5, 2011

Wednesday Blues~

I wasn't able to attend my Monday and Tuesday class due to heavy rain brought by a storm. I don't really like going out of the house when it rains for it easily get flooded in my area and the streets are muddy. Plus, I easily get sick when exposed to cold weather.

Yesterday, the weather was a bit okay. It's still raining but not as much as it was during the past two days. I left early and went for a coffee first in Starbucks near school. I didn't get any sleep that night for I am sewing some outfits for a shoot this Saturday.

My dress for the day.

I'm not really adventurous when it comes to beverages but out of curiosity, I tried their new Black Sesame Green Tea Cream Frap.

It was okay. I forgot I never liked the taste of green tea and I weird-ed out with the taste of black sesame. I think I would leave it to my biscuits next time. Good thing it's frap and it's sweet I was able to consume the whole thing.

Outfit shot with my kitty, Lily. <3

JSK: customized/vintage
white cardigan: Anna Sui
bow: handmade
shoes and lace socks: thrift

Monday, August 1, 2011

Coffee @ Country Style and Cavite Fashion Congress

Me and Mommy Abie went to a coffee date last Saturday in their local mall in Bacoor, Cavite, PH. It became a habit for me to visit her at least once a week due to business reasons primarily but I also visit simply because I want to visit her. :3

There was a fashion event that day in SM Bacoor mall. We got curious for technically, Cavite is still considered a province in our Region. These type of events doesn't happen there very often so we decided to take a look.

It's kinda surprising to see common folks watch the show. I know that it's a mall but I was expecting at least a hint of fashion enthusiasts to be present. Apparently, even though I look like this in a daily basis, we appeared to be too dolled-up as an audience. I could tell for some watchers chose to stare at us rather than to watch the show. Haha! :)

I'm not really happy with the set so I am only posting photos of clothes that were at least, okay. I have worked behind fashion shows before and I wish there were more effort given for this talent showcase. It's the first fashion event in Cavite. I just thought it's kinda sad.

We met the organizer, stylist, some models, and one of the designers after the show. They are kind enough to exchange cards for future possible collabs.

We decided to have a coffee in Country Style after. I missed their donuts. 

 We talked about our preparations for Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community's second anniversary event that time. Talk about 'business'. :)


We dropped by in one of the accessories store there before heading back to Mommy Abie's house. I just love this mirror. Too bad it's not for sale.

And! outfit shot before I end this post.

Beret and skirt: made by me
Plum boots and blouse: thrift
Paisley stockings: local market

Hello August | Outfit post: Red Berries

It's finally August, my favorite month. I'm not really particular with months but this month is extra special for me.

1. It's official. I'm a graduate of Fashion Design with a final grade of 94.
2. It's my birthday month.
3. My lolita label, Dorotee Sweetlips turns 3.
4. Two years of friendship with my twinnie.
5. Art showcase going on in my atelier.

Because of that, I am thinking of holding a giveaway in Dorotee Sweetlips' FB page. I never thought of doing this for it's kinda rampant in Facebook but I think I have all the reasons to at least share the blessings I am receiving right now. I would like to know if this is a good idea. I have opened a poll in regards of it on the page.


My look last Thursday for my thesis defense. 

Outfit rundown:
bow and skirt: handmade
socks: landmark
shoes: bodyline
knit blouse: local market