Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Outfit Post: 07-20-11 and updates

My look to school last Wednesday.

Blouse: local market
Skirt and bow: made by me


Hello! It's been raining like crazy in my city these past few days due to the storm. And because of that, classes were suspended and even my  thesis defense which is supposed to be done yesterday was postponed. I'm really disappointed for I've been wanting to finish things this week so I could go back to my normal routine next month. 

This month has been very insane for me. I was too busy that I could only go online for like two to three times a week. Also, there were few clients that have been stressing me off: setting appointments and canceling them on the last minute. I hope people would understand how much I value every second of my time because you see, I don't have much left of them for myself. Every second falls to work, school, work, and school. I'm mentally and physically exhausted as of the moment.

I own the whole day today for classes were suspended but even though I had the chance to finally relax, this house also carries a whole load of stress. My mom is scolding everyone every time. Well, not scold scold but she just frequently do it due to old age I think. Just moments ago, she's been telling me how careless I was not turning off the computer the other night. Gawd! I was doing my thesis that night and I was too drained that I didn't even knew I fell asleep. Thus, not turning off the computer and leaving all my mess in the living room. -_-" I don't have a habit of answering back for it would only leave bad feelings and would only lengthen the argument. But gahhh.. I think I'm going crazy.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just needed to vent and this blog is my happy place. I know after this, I'd feel better.

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