Sunday, July 31, 2011

Etna Blue series

I feel good today. Not only I am more relaxed, I was also able to satisfy my personal creative cravings. It's been a long time since I made something that is just out of my need to make something. Designing has been an obligation during the past few weeks for I am always meeting deadlines with school and my clients. It's much more different when I design just because I want to.

It has been a rainy month and I feel like using hues to be in harmony with the cold weather. Here is my newest accessory series out of my weekend boredom. :)

A little generic though for my judgment but if you've known me for quiet a while you should know I seldom use darker themes. Change is good, right? :)

Anddd, here are photos of me modeling them. *hides* IKR! I don't look like my usual self in these photos. But I like it because I can finally show my forehead to the world. haha! I used to think I look stupid without bangs. :))

I'll be selling them in Dorotee Sweetlips' page. If you like them, please visit. Series named after Etna of the Playstation RPG game, Disgaea. 

Bonus pic of my eye make. The colors look darker in actual. Another out-of-my-box attempt. :)))