Saturday, July 23, 2011

Emily Temple Cute thrift find and outfit post

Please don't hate me but I found another Emily Temple Cute piece from a thrift store last week. Got it for less than $2. 

 It's just a simple cutsew but I really like it for I wear lolita in a daily basis. It's been too hot for lolita these days. This would be comfy!

closer view~

My outfit last Sunday. I did not went out of the house but I just felt like dressing up for I had my roots done last Saturday. My last retouch was April and my hair have grown around three inches since then. It has been unsightly seeing those virgin black hair peeking on my roots. Glad I had it done again at my friend's salon and nail art spa. I'll have my nails done by them too soon so I could also write a feature for them.

Outfit rundown:
dress and cardigan: local market
headband: from a friend
bow brooches: Bodyline