Thursday, July 7, 2011

Acquisitions from last month

I wasn't able to blog much last month due to how hectic my schedule was (duh, it still is!) because of my thesis and my pending couture jobs. So here is a compilation of the stuff I got from last month a.k.a shopping spree. :))

Most of these are thrift finds because I really love shopping at thrift shops. You could find one of a kind pieces for dirt cheap and who knows? Finding "BRAND" is also possible. Let me rephrase that, a lolita brand.

Above is an off brand thrift find that I got for around $1. I've been looking for coats that I could wear with lolita since forever. I love the color and the lace is just sooo pretty.

A pink x black lingerie I got for around $2. I wasn't sure of keeping this at first but it's rare for me to find bustiers that's my size. I'm an extra small and most of the bustiers I find at thrift stores have large cup size. I don't know where shall I wear this yet. lol. :)))
Oh, did i mention brand? Yes! I found an Emily Temple Cute cardigan for just around $1! This is my second thrifted brand cardigan. I found a Moitie before. :)
Kinda casual but I just love the collar. I have a similar one that I wear under a JSK so that it would look like a capelet. Got it for around $2. Isn't the lace nice? :3

Cute soft denim shorts that I got for $1. I need more of these. :3

 Got these at a local market for $3 for two. I have bought a similar one before and cut it short so I could wear it as shorts. I made a bow out of the remaining fabric after. I would do the same with these two.

More cuties to add to my tea party ware collection. I dream of having a coffee/tea parlor someday where I could also exhibit my works. Just like how Naoto do it. As of now, I would enjoy and fit myself first by having mini tea parties at home with my cats and some closest friends. :)
I forgot how much were these but these are also thrift finds. :3

Dress with smocked bodice and strawberry prints that I got for $2 from a street vendor. I thought I was over with my strawberry addiction but I still fall in love with strawberry motifs like this. I'm kinda meh with prints that is too childish but these.. These are just soooo love. I even thought of buying a couple of these, deconstruct it and make myself a dress out of it. I was just too lazy to make anything for myself that time. XD

Home sewing books from Book Sale. 

Fact: One of my highschool career choices was Interior Designing.

I don't know if I have time to make some of the tutorials but they actually help me learn some techniques that I could use with dressmaking. I wish I have a sewing buddy that I could invite over for a sew-a-thon. :))

and lastly, a handmade doll from Ger Corpuz. Got it last Toycon where I met her for the first time.
Thank you so much for the support, Ger. :)

Sooo. That was it for the month of June. Not really much but I love each and everything. :3