Monday, June 27, 2011

Blogathon: Updates | DLSU centennial | Toycon

I've been very busy lately that I completely forgot about this blog. Sorry for the lack of updates.

I'm not yet officially done with school even though my graduation give away has ended weeks ago. Lots of school activities and extra work have taken place that made me stay longer than expected. But I'm working on my thesis now so it means I'm supposed to finish Fashion Design by next month. I also enrolled on another course to mark my progress. All stress is in me now but I know I can manage. :)

Last week, I attended De La Salle's 100th anniversary. It's very refreshing since I have spent lots of my happiest moments there as a college student. It feels so different now after two years of graduating in De La Salle-College of St.Benilde. I feel like a little bit of me has grown up for there's this different aura that I feel on the current students. They're full of youth and enthusiasm. I'm not saying that I'm old but unlike when I was 16 or 17, I have seen more of the reality of life now. And that kind of made me miss my early college days. When I was still carefree and totally FREE from everything.

So enough of the nostalgic talking. Here are some photos from the street party.

Everybody singing the Alma Mater song.

 It was a night full of Green PRIDE! The traffic after the party was heavy though but I feel good that I did come. :)


And, last Saturday and Sunday was our yearly, ToyCon. I wasn't able to take pictures on the first day though for it was too crowded and the so-called cosplay goddess was present. I don't want to rant but it really pisses me off. Our booth was almost knocked down when she and her fans made a mini-stampede. Some of my possessions are broken. It's really a pain. >.<
Moving on. Here are some photos from Day two.

My little darling, Scarlet, was my little companion.
Me and Scarlet.

 I'm living a semi-hermit life right now for I want to focus on my thesis for Fashion Design. It's draining me but just a little more patience and I'll be able to accomplish everything. I'm kind of wishing to join the Fashion Week this October so I am really trying to work hard right now. Wish me luck! :)