Thursday, May 12, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week attendance and some craft

Received invites in my mail from an old friend, Aeyzy. Thank you so much dear! I was always a walk-in type of attendee but having invites lessens the hassle. So, thank you!

I was also present on Vintage Slim's leg last Tuesday but not as an audience but as a dresser. I missed the backstage chaos way back from my theatre life days. It was fun and it's very inspiring to witness great designers live at work. I'll write about it as soon as I get enough photos from my colleagues. :)

LOL. I wish these were cash! XD

I'll be attending PFW fashion shows on Saturday together with two of closest girlfriends. See you there!


And here are two couture headpieces I made to be sent out to my friend in Japan who is a photographer. She liked my work and asked me to send her samples for her to shoot. It was always a pleasure to work with other talented people so making these really really makes me happy. I'll post the photos as soon as she send me copies.