Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 8 2011 @ Megamall with friends

 I was supposed to attend MetroComicon but I was too lazy to go all the way up to the mall's top floor. Me and my beau stayed in Coffeebean and Tealeaf instead the whole afternoon. Just for the record, it was actually my first time in Coffeebean. Starbucks gained my loyalty but since we don't have any other place to stay at for Starbucks was full that day, we had no choice but take the free table there.

My hair adornments for that day. I bought the roses headband at the department store, children's section. I have a soft spot for anything that is soft and delicate. The other clip is from my friend.

I forgot what I ordered. lol. It was fine though. I still like Starbucks. :/

The hairpins I bought with the roses headband from above. Crochet is one of my frustrations. I could learn but I don't have the patience. D:


And guess who came? The Medel family. :))
Ohai Vaughn and JM!

Treated them to BubbleTea for dinner to celebrate something evil. LOL XD
Omnomnom.. Taro Milk Tea~ <3

And..before going home photo with my lovely muses, Kleng and Thea. <3