Friday, May 6, 2011

Baguio thrift finds


I've been itching to blog about my Baguio experience ever since I arrived Manila. Baguio is a big part of my childhood life and it's been years since I was able to visit again. Thanks to Giselle and the rest of the Cosplay Fever team for inviting me and also to Sammy Magsino and her family for the accommodation. I look forward on working with you again. <3

Before I write about my Baguio trip, I'd like to share first my haul on our ukay-ukay/thrift escapade. Baguio is the home of the thrift stores here in the Philippines and as a thrift-shopper myself, it's interesting to go and take a look on it's roots. Here are my finds:

Cute cream blouse that I could wear with my casual lolita.

Fur neck warmers.
I got another one of this in gray color but I lost it during my travel home. D: *slashwrist*

Vintage dress. I'll just be replacing the lace with a better one and will add bows for my sweet lolita. :3

Chiffon dress with paisley print.
 I am currently addicted with this kind of dresses because I can't bear the summer heat. It's too hot for lolita. >.<
Knit berets.

Black pumps with heart buckles. <3

And the haul of my impulsive buys. lol. I'm selling some of them now in my page.