Monday, May 23, 2011

052111 | Black x white lolita in Tagcom

I attended Tagcom day two with the latest dress I made. I actually made the base dress long time ago but wasn't able to finish it. Good thing I found time to check on my piles of unfinished dresses and now it's complete~ :3

Spotted the very lovely Vanessa in her cutie-patootie mint JSK. I've been drooling over her dress. XD
Outfit shot! and a better view of my work~
OP: made by me
lace stockings: thrift
black pumps: thrift
B x W Euphorbia babybow: made by me

I made a black and white version of my latest Euphorbia baby bow. I accept commissions of any color!


Me and my beau. Cropped his forehead, lol! XD