Wednesday, May 25, 2011

052411 Thrift finds!

Went thrift shopping with boyfie last night to complete our stocks for Labyrinth Garden. Here are some personal finds~ <3

Lovely peach floral blouse~ <3

Gorgeous print! <3
Sheer petticoat/tutu skirt. It's made of layers and layers of organza and illusion tulle. It has lining so I could actually wear it as an outer skirt. So soft and fluffy!

And look at those lovely rosettes at the waistband. So pretty!

And oh, before I end this post, please check out latest stocks in Labyrinth Garden! We sell gothic and lolita thrift finds. Our merch varies from brand to offbrand. We ship worldwide!

Monday, May 23, 2011

052111 | Black x white lolita in Tagcom

I attended Tagcom day two with the latest dress I made. I actually made the base dress long time ago but wasn't able to finish it. Good thing I found time to check on my piles of unfinished dresses and now it's complete~ :3

Spotted the very lovely Vanessa in her cutie-patootie mint JSK. I've been drooling over her dress. XD
Outfit shot! and a better view of my work~
OP: made by me
lace stockings: thrift
black pumps: thrift
B x W Euphorbia babybow: made by me

I made a black and white version of my latest Euphorbia baby bow. I accept commissions of any color!


Me and my beau. Cropped his forehead, lol! XD

Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 8 2011 @ Megamall with friends

 I was supposed to attend MetroComicon but I was too lazy to go all the way up to the mall's top floor. Me and my beau stayed in Coffeebean and Tealeaf instead the whole afternoon. Just for the record, it was actually my first time in Coffeebean. Starbucks gained my loyalty but since we don't have any other place to stay at for Starbucks was full that day, we had no choice but take the free table there.

My hair adornments for that day. I bought the roses headband at the department store, children's section. I have a soft spot for anything that is soft and delicate. The other clip is from my friend.

I forgot what I ordered. lol. It was fine though. I still like Starbucks. :/

The hairpins I bought with the roses headband from above. Crochet is one of my frustrations. I could learn but I don't have the patience. D:


And guess who came? The Medel family. :))
Ohai Vaughn and JM!

Treated them to BubbleTea for dinner to celebrate something evil. LOL XD
Omnomnom.. Taro Milk Tea~ <3

And..before going home photo with my lovely muses, Kleng and Thea. <3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Us at Philippine Fashion Week

 One of the few moments I sported gothic lolita. I am especially picky when it comes to wearing darker styles.

Me with Xiar~ <3

Outfit rundown:
OP: customized by me
Paisley pantyhose: Divisoria
Black pumps: Flea market in Baguio
Wig: cosplay wigs
Bow: made by me

Me with my classmates. Aren't they amazing? :D

Xiar with designer Jerome Ang.

Blog post and event report about the fashion shows coming next! :3

Baguio Day 3 | Euphorbia

Some photos from our 3rd day in Baguio~ <3

Br-unch! Japanese Food ftw!
My look. I skipped the contact lenses for my eyes were too tired from yesterday's event.

Outfit rundown:
JSK: handmade by me
cardigan: Moi meme moitie
slippers: local market
faux fur: thrift - I lost on on my way home. :( 
beret: flea market

I will never get tired of saying this but I sooo soo love the weather in Baguio. I want to live there.

Took a boat ride before going home in Burham Park. We kept on laughing the whole time. :))


And plugging some craft/sales~

Euphorbia means persistence. Even though I'm going through a lot of obstacles right now both financially and emotionally, I am still persistent to achieve my dreams.

Help me pay for my education by buying my creations. ♥

Euphorbia Big Bow
...350php / $8.50
Also available for commission in different colors.
I ship worldwide.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I was invited to speak for a short talk about Lolita and our cause, The Earth Friendly Lolita Project. Funny though, I was also ambushed to judge for the cosplay competition the day itself. I'm not a cosplayer but the experience was awesome. Judging is really really hard to the point that I think I hate doing it again. I wanted everybody to win.

 Thanks to Baguio Country Club for helping make the event possible! <3

Vanity shot for the day~
Outfit rundown:

JSK: Bodyline
Blouse: thrifted
Socks: Local market
Shoes: Montreal
Bonnet: handmade
Scarf: thrifted
Necklace: handmade

with Joeyn
My muse for the day, Charlotte. <3
Charlotte and me with Sammy's niece. She's so cute I want to keep her. D:
Me getting interviewed by Giselle. GAH. You don't know how scared I was! Public speaking=death. T_T
Ohai, Kat (of Tux team) and Sarah! <3

For the nth time, I would like to say thank you to Costwist team for inviting me in their Baguio event. I really had so much fun! I hope to work with you again in the future. More power!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week attendance and some craft

Received invites in my mail from an old friend, Aeyzy. Thank you so much dear! I was always a walk-in type of attendee but having invites lessens the hassle. So, thank you!

I was also present on Vintage Slim's leg last Tuesday but not as an audience but as a dresser. I missed the backstage chaos way back from my theatre life days. It was fun and it's very inspiring to witness great designers live at work. I'll write about it as soon as I get enough photos from my colleagues. :)

LOL. I wish these were cash! XD

I'll be attending PFW fashion shows on Saturday together with two of closest girlfriends. See you there!


And here are two couture headpieces I made to be sent out to my friend in Japan who is a photographer. She liked my work and asked me to send her samples for her to shoot. It was always a pleasure to work with other talented people so making these really really makes me happy. I'll post the photos as soon as she send me copies.

Baguio City: day 1 and 2

It's been more than a week and the only thing I know now is, I miss Baguio. I love the weather and the the way of living there. When the time comes, I wouldn't forget to get myself a house there so I could carelessly pay a visit whenever my heart desires.

Joeyn and Lance. :))

Sammy's dog, Coco! <3

Ha! Me on a pink unicorn! Teehee! <3

Me and Mami Xiar at Minesview park.

Strawberry taho~

Ohai, eyebags. XD

Alice in Wonderland? :)

Oops! Outfit rundown, yes!

Dress: made by me
Bag: Thrifted
Bow: Bodyline
Slippers: Local Market

Day three and Costwist event report to follow!
Thanks for reading! <3