Sunday, April 17, 2011

Splash Island!

Last week was very hectic for me and thank goodness I had this one day to break free from my super busy life. While it did not meet my expectations, unfortunately, I would still never forget this one-day vacation away from the city. :)

Me and my beau purchased this 50% off voucher from for a free pass to Splash Island inclusive of a buffet meal.

Me on my swimming gear. And yea, behold my no-make-up and contact lens look! :))

 To our surprise, the "buffet" incentive was not actually buffet as in BUFFET. The food establishment's name was Mongolian Buffet. What a Bu-FAIL. The line was soooo long and we are not even very happy with the food. :(
I was getting sick I didn't eat half of it. It's horrible. D: To tell you that I am not really a picky eater. I'd eat almost anything but this is disaster. O_O

After leaving the food court, we just enjoyed ourselves by walking around the resort. Ohai~

Kiddie pool~


After trying all the slides and swimming a bit, we decided to wash ourselves already and have a decent meal. The place was too crowded and I don't feel comfortable swimming with lots of other people. :/ Plus, they don't even have a basic pool for people who are tired of slides and waves etc.

Finally, a decent meal. Pork Liempo with rice! <3


Before going home photo~ :)

The place was not that great and we are not happy with the fare rates but the overall experience is one of a kind. (Though, we don't think we would still come back. LOL. XD) Next stop will be the highlands of the northern province. WOOT!

Thanks for reading!