Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manila at night and some love..

Me and my beau did a little promise to go out every Thursday after I am dismissed from school. But only when I am free, of course, and I always try to find ways to prioritize this first beyond anything else. Last Thursday, he brought me to Star City for he got free passes from his mom. It was not that exciting, honestly, for we already paid a visit last February. But meh! We are the happiest of all couples and I am proud of that. When I am with him, I can be the meanest, most annoying, and most evil girl in the world and it is completely fine with him. He would even surpass my evilness too! Because that's how we roll. Haha!

Turning six years in June. <3

And this is how I looked. I didn't wear lolita for two weeks since this for I have grown tired of it for a moment. Also, I realized it's not the entirety of Lolita that I actually love. What drawn me to lolita is my old love for anything that could compose Lolita. E.g. Vintage/Gothic/Rococo/Victorian/Edwardian stuff. Sooo, expect new looks from me that is outside lolita but still reminiscent of old feminine ways. :)

I spotted my friend, Dar! Haha. What a surprise! <3

After getting ourselves bored, we decided to hang out and have a snack in Harbor Square. Ohohoho! PANCAKE HOUSE betches!

Manila Bay at night. What a lovely view. <3

Pancaaaake~ omnomnomnom

 Hnngg. Okay I am going to publish this post now before I start looking for pancakes. *hungreh*

Thanks for reading!