Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hello Blogger Folks!

Finally! Moved as promised from my former platform in Tumblr. It's getting too cluttered there so I decided to move in a much formal space for me to continue my blogging. While it is sad for I have actually earned a lot of valued readers and a great amount of people following my blog there, I guess things are bound to happen. I'm growing old and I need a much organized place to stay at.

I'd like to start with a smile just as how Serenia surprised me today with a smile too. Thanks for the feature, dear! I hardly go online these past few weeks due to stress and how busy I am with school. I am graduating Fashion Design this summer. One last push! Woot!

To begin, here are some photos from last two weeks at my friend's place in Cavite. If I were to have a second home, I would gladly consider Mommy Abie's place as my second home. And if I were to have a second mother, I would be proud to consider her as my second mom as well. I don't live there but I can say every time I pay a visit, "There is no place like home." :)

This is their puppy, Roca. Admit it, you're dying of cuteness. :))

 The beautiful feline, BlackOut. :))

 Ichigo-chan. <3


What an escape place right? So close to the nature.. how peaceful is that. I can't wait to visit again. :)