Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric Hunting in Divisoria

It took me almost over a month to come back in Divisoria. I'm a regular there for Divisoria is every designer's best friend here in the Philippines. I'm glad to have a whole day again to pay a visit.

It was a hot day today and it was a horrible walking adventure for me. And since my weekly visit was postponed for a few weeks, I ended up buying a lot of fabrics and sewing materials I need which made my bag very heavy. My back is still aching up to now. And even though I feel sleepy already for the very tiring day, I would like to share with you guys my haul. :)

Oh, here's some of my handmade work earlier today btw. This will be put on sale on CosTwist this 30th. Unusual colors are loooove. <3

This fabric from the background above was supposed to be my canvas for a couture piece for a client. But I found a better fabric along the way so this is going to be mine. I love it anyway. It's similar to Georgette fabric..woohoo! If you follow my work, you would know I love sheer and flowy fabrics. It just speaks serenity and elegance. :)

Sweet lolitas out there! YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! XD
I'm not really into sweet lolita anymore though but I cannot resist these babies even though I don't have enough cash. Maybe I'll make something out of the pink one and sell it. I'm still meditating over the lavender one though because this color is also new in my palette. Hmmm... *thinks hard*

Met with my friend, Ysaii today to deliver some stuff and get these from her. I think this is going to be the first time I will be offering my couture services to her. I'm excited because I especially love designing for the people I love. :)

And just want to share the fabrics from another friend, Patricia. I must make sure to make these two girls happy! Woooot~ <3

Although I'm not really a person who will follow religious traditions, I'm thankful though that we have this "holy week" break/holiday. I never get rest when people expect me to work. Sooo, yaaay to that! I missed my machine so much. I would have to go now to make love with her, haha! :) See ya!