Monday, April 4, 2011

Craft from the past two weeks~

Here are some craft that I did from the past two weeks. I cut off my commission openings for a meantime to take care of more important things: my health. While I am disciplined when it comes to juggling lots of work load, I figured I only have one body to work with. And other negative factors within my peers have been making me upset lately which added not only with the physical stress I was experiencing but also on the emotional side.

Stopping for a moment is a great escape. Not only I was able to take time to breathe but I was able to take care of things that I often neglect. And I realize these things are much much more important to me than of those I bother to confuse myself with. "It was bound to happen." As said by my friend, Caz. Sometimes, we need to get hurt for we are too happy. We need pain to be able to distinguish if we are happy or not. It's all about balance, I guess. Sometimes it's good to get hurt. It's good to feel something. It's good to know that you're still capable of "feeling" when things go so much in favor of you. I got to appreciate what I have and be happy with it.

Soooo, enough with the big sister tone again. I just like keeping record of my current state and being honest with it in my journals. After 10 years, I would look at these again and I will remember these times. I could probably show this to my child if ever I will have one by then. :)

Moving on with the craft:

Obi for my friend, Caz. <3

JSK for my client and friend, Tin Pascual. I accidentally deleted the full photo. *headdesk* But here is the fashion illustration of it.

And, mint JSK for my client in UK, Ms.Hester Hoyle. It's also up in my DevianART.


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