Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday starter: Ice cream!

My beau was insisting to see me after a week of not seeing each other so I took a day off today and went out for an ice cream with him. Oh yes! We are cheesy like that~ :)

It was our first time to try Cold Rock Ice Creamery and we are very very satisfied. Although it's kind of pricey, I can say that you get what you pay for. :)

I got strawberry ice cream mixed with coffee ice cream with brownie sidings and Joeyn got chocolate ice cream mixed with peanut butter and Baby Ruth. I love the texture and the fact that it actually has strawberry in it! omnomnomnom. :b~

My laid back look today. I don't know why I'm posting this because I actually look like this when I'm at home. Haha. But here's a rundown.

JSK: made by me
cardigan: thrift
bow slippers: local market

And before I end this post, I'd like to share this little trinket that was given to me by my friend and supporter, Ayumi Miranda. She gave this to me when I bumped to her last Ozine fest. Gifts are special to me especially if it comes with love. Thank you bb! I'll be posting this in my pupe today! Haha. :))

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outtakes from the Earth Friendly Lolita shoot

What you get when you literally roll on the floor. LOL XD

Wala nito sa Maynila! xD

Our photographer with Mami Abie~ <3

Behold my "weeeeee" face! Haha! I just love happy pictures. <3

 Photographer, Ysaii. :)

And my "yaaaaay" face! XD

Hello, Sakura and Kleng. :)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth day Special from The Earth Friendly Lolita Project! :)

From this..


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dresses for Laxhmi

Here are completed dresses I designed for my friend in Sweden, Laxhmi.

 The fabrics were provided by her which she bought from Japan.


This is very tricky for we don't have much of the blue circus fabric in hand. The skirt part was actually divided into three so we can achieve the shape we are aiming for. I'm happy with the result. :)

Close up.
 These two dresses are fully lined and with elastic shirring at the back as requested by Laxhmi. 

Here's a bonus picture of me and Laxhmi. I miss her. I hope to see her again. :)

Commission me? Send me some love in Facebook! :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fabric Hunting in Divisoria

It took me almost over a month to come back in Divisoria. I'm a regular there for Divisoria is every designer's best friend here in the Philippines. I'm glad to have a whole day again to pay a visit.

It was a hot day today and it was a horrible walking adventure for me. And since my weekly visit was postponed for a few weeks, I ended up buying a lot of fabrics and sewing materials I need which made my bag very heavy. My back is still aching up to now. And even though I feel sleepy already for the very tiring day, I would like to share with you guys my haul. :)

Oh, here's some of my handmade work earlier today btw. This will be put on sale on CosTwist this 30th. Unusual colors are loooove. <3

This fabric from the background above was supposed to be my canvas for a couture piece for a client. But I found a better fabric along the way so this is going to be mine. I love it anyway. It's similar to Georgette fabric..woohoo! If you follow my work, you would know I love sheer and flowy fabrics. It just speaks serenity and elegance. :)

Sweet lolitas out there! YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT! XD
I'm not really into sweet lolita anymore though but I cannot resist these babies even though I don't have enough cash. Maybe I'll make something out of the pink one and sell it. I'm still meditating over the lavender one though because this color is also new in my palette. Hmmm... *thinks hard*

Met with my friend, Ysaii today to deliver some stuff and get these from her. I think this is going to be the first time I will be offering my couture services to her. I'm excited because I especially love designing for the people I love. :)

And just want to share the fabrics from another friend, Patricia. I must make sure to make these two girls happy! Woooot~ <3

Although I'm not really a person who will follow religious traditions, I'm thankful though that we have this "holy week" break/holiday. I never get rest when people expect me to work. Sooo, yaaay to that! I missed my machine so much. I would have to go now to make love with her, haha! :) See ya!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Earth Friendly Lolita Project is now on BLOGGER!

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Splash Island!

Last week was very hectic for me and thank goodness I had this one day to break free from my super busy life. While it did not meet my expectations, unfortunately, I would still never forget this one-day vacation away from the city. :)

Me and my beau purchased this 50% off voucher from Metrodeal.com for a free pass to Splash Island inclusive of a buffet meal.

Me on my swimming gear. And yea, behold my no-make-up and contact lens look! :))

 To our surprise, the "buffet" incentive was not actually buffet as in BUFFET. The food establishment's name was Mongolian Buffet. What a Bu-FAIL. The line was soooo long and we are not even very happy with the food. :(
I was getting sick I didn't eat half of it. It's horrible. D: To tell you that I am not really a picky eater. I'd eat almost anything but this is disaster. O_O

After leaving the food court, we just enjoyed ourselves by walking around the resort. Ohai~

Kiddie pool~


After trying all the slides and swimming a bit, we decided to wash ourselves already and have a decent meal. The place was too crowded and I don't feel comfortable swimming with lots of other people. :/ Plus, they don't even have a basic pool for people who are tired of slides and waves etc.

Finally, a decent meal. Pork Liempo with rice! <3


Before going home photo~ :)

The place was not that great and we are not happy with the fare rates but the overall experience is one of a kind. (Though, we don't think we would still come back. LOL. XD) Next stop will be the highlands of the northern province. WOOT!

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

70 months of love~


Monday, April 11, 2011

Etude House + Kimbab!

I have only ten minutes left to blog and I'm off to work. I'm actually working for a multinational project right now together with an old college friend so the busy me is much much more busier now. :)

Me and my beau dropped by at Megamall last week from a meeting and I treated myself with a new pair of shoes and make-up to remedy my stress.

 I was wearing high heels the whole day and got sores on my toes. I gave up and decided to look for slippers in the dept. store. Until I saw these lovely pair of medieval-looking shoes. It's so cuuuute! And really really comfy. I wish they also have this in cream or brown. :)
BB cream and mascara from etude house. I haven't tried the BB cream yet for I'm still using my old Baby Skin Base. I'll post a review as soon as I'm done with it. :)

 There's this new stall in SM Megamall's Food court that caters Korean food, Mr.Kimbob. We got curious and tried it. 
The food is cheap and tastes good. I'm not really delicate when it comes to food, though. I eat almost anything! Haha! 

Oops! I only have one hour left to prepare for my appointment today. Bye for now and thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upcoming Graduation Give away: Felicity Lolita OP!

I can't believe I am doing this, haha! I always wanted to do one ever since my Tumblr days but I can't find the patience to do so. I know these stuff needs a lot of organizing and I'm too busy already to handle one. But here it is! I'm giving away this dress of my own design as thanksgiving to my dear clients and supporters. I wouldn't have been able to enroll myself to fashion school without you, guys. I know most of you are aware that I pay for my own education so without you guys, I wouldn't be able to save enough money to pay for school. Thank you, everyone. <3

Felicity OP
previously on sale at my shop but now I am giving it away! It comes with a matching baby bow.
bust 34-36
waist 26-28
length 34

To join:
-Follow my blog.
-Blog about this giveaway. After doing so, kindly leave a comment here with the link of your blog post.

This giveaway is available to all countries. You do not have to worry about shipping for I am giving this away completely for free including the shipping and handling. This giveaway ends on May 6 2011, one month from now, since I am graduating by then. Goodluck everyone and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manila at night and some love..

Me and my beau did a little promise to go out every Thursday after I am dismissed from school. But only when I am free, of course, and I always try to find ways to prioritize this first beyond anything else. Last Thursday, he brought me to Star City for he got free passes from his mom. It was not that exciting, honestly, for we already paid a visit last February. But meh! We are the happiest of all couples and I am proud of that. When I am with him, I can be the meanest, most annoying, and most evil girl in the world and it is completely fine with him. He would even surpass my evilness too! Because that's how we roll. Haha!

Turning six years in June. <3

And this is how I looked. I didn't wear lolita for two weeks since this for I have grown tired of it for a moment. Also, I realized it's not the entirety of Lolita that I actually love. What drawn me to lolita is my old love for anything that could compose Lolita. E.g. Vintage/Gothic/Rococo/Victorian/Edwardian stuff. Sooo, expect new looks from me that is outside lolita but still reminiscent of old feminine ways. :)

I spotted my friend, Dar! Haha. What a surprise! <3

After getting ourselves bored, we decided to hang out and have a snack in Harbor Square. Ohohoho! PANCAKE HOUSE betches!

Manila Bay at night. What a lovely view. <3

Pancaaaake~ omnomnomnom

 Hnngg. Okay I am going to publish this post now before I start looking for pancakes. *hungreh*

Thanks for reading!