Thursday, August 17, 2017

How Do You Get The Right Bathroom Tub Faucets? Few Essentials Tips Prior You Get Initiated

Procuring the right bathroom tub faucets for your requirements is not indeed simple. You want to scout at what will match the theme of your renovation and select a collection that'll work finest for you. The finish is vital, however so will the function and the style. You don't need an elegant tap that does not do the stuffs you need it to do, and you do not need a great functioning tap that looks ugly.

bathtub faucet

Procuring the whole package is vital and you want to scout into certain specific aspects to ensure you avail the faucets that are finest for your shower area. You might need to ponder a fancier shower unit with LED lights or with many shower modes or you might need to go with the one that's simple. Indeed, it all relies on your taste, and your theme, and here're tips to aid. 

Tips for getting Bathroom tub faucets and fixtures

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  • Consult an expert contractor
If you're not sure what kind of bathroom tub faucets fits finest with the sink you presently have or with one you think to utilize, and then consult an expert. It is essential to procure the right tap for your shower area, and there're several contractors that can aid you select the right one and fix it for you. Also, the Faucetsinhome is a good place where you can choose the bathroom stuffs.
  • Select a theme
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Prior you even begin looking at the distinct faucets for your shower area, select a theme. Due to that this is a very crucial aspect for the procedure and you can move with an art beautification theme, an antique or one of several others. Whether you select to beautify in a contemporary manner or in older looking theme, you need to ensure you know what theme you think to utilize prior your make any other determinations.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review | Cardcaptor Sakura lamp from Light in the box

If you've been following my social media pages, it's never a secret that I am a Cardcaptor Sakura fan. Ever since I laid my eyes upon this lamp with CCS magic circle design, I fell in love and added it to my wishlist! Thank universe Light in the Box offered a collaboration once again and sent me this lamp which can be availed at their site!

The lamp looks like this when off.  I think the material is made of acrylic or fiber glass. Not really breakable when dropped which I'm glad it was because hello cats and a  toddler combined, lol. Height is about 7 inches.

It has three modes of light colors which you can change by just clicking the power switch. White, purple, and warm white but not yellow. 

The clear acrylic can be removed. It's not really locked in the lamp itself so I would still recommend to place it somewhere that is safe from a drop.

The led lights look like this.

The switch is placed strategically in the middle of the wire. 

Shipping experience: Light in the Box ships via DHL so it saved me from the hassle of going to the post office! And since it's DHL, my package arrived in just two weeks! The items are always placed in a box which I appreciate a lot.

So happy with this item! Been using it for quiet a while now for sewing. It gives just the right amount of lighting that is not too bright. The purple light mode is perfect as night lamp too. CCS holds a special place in my heart since it's one of the reasons why I got interested in japanese fashion as a child and the concept is really unique and ~aesthetic~ so it never gets old. 

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Beau Crescent | Cats and Berries

Cats and strawberries are two of the few themes I think I will never outgrow of when it comes to my cute fashion choices. They can be both cute and also classic at the same time, it just depends how you use them in your style. I think it also works best if you actually love cats and strawberries in real life. It's like a personal touch, one of the many reasons why I like lolita fashion and related kei styles in general - it's always about personality. Here's two toddler kawaii/lolita looks styled by me featuring my daughter, Beau Crescent.



Two-way dress from Labyrinth Garden | Beret from Dorotee Sweetlips | Cat bag and shoes from Light in the Box | 
Cat brooch from Spring Marionette

Strawberry dress from Dorotee Sweetlips | Strawberry beret from Lunatrinks | Cupcake bag and shoes from Light in the box

Many thanks to Light in the Box for always letting us showcase their products. Click the links to go to the item listing!

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Monday, June 19, 2017

My top picks from YOINS

Hi, guys! Today, I'm going to share about another e-commerce fashion website and my top picks from their fashion selections. Yoins have a nice variety of fashion essentials from bikini swimwear, dresses, blouses, bags, shoes, and playsuits online. I know summer is over in my part of the world (Philippines) but the temperature doesn't really go down that much here so it's safe to say summer dresses will never go out of style. I chose four of my favorite summer style dresses to recommend to you guys in an easy to wear color: white! Same with black, it is a very safe color to wear in different occasions. Also I added in four amazing bags that I find really cool and stylish I seriously want one for myself. Just click the photo if you want to be redirected to the listing on Yoins website.

These two styles are great if you want to look cute yet flirty at the same time. The low neckline is a nice sexy touch.

For days you would opt to wear a more classy and ethereal look, these two dresses will be good picks! Perfect for frolicking in the flower fields.

I love these bags! They will go so well with classic lolita fashion and for some reason they have an RPG game feel to it. The colors are so nice and they look pretty spacious too to carry a 'girl's essentials'. My favorite is the blue one. How about you?

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kawaii PH Creator's Market 2017

Phone photos from this year's Kawaii PH Creator's Market that took place yesterday at Venture Space PH. I shared a booth with my friend, Razel of Spring Marionette. Thank you so much to everyone who bought from us. See you on the next kawaii event!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Of fragments and chaos

"The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos" - Hayao Miyazaki

Just a long due photoshoot for one of my blog sponsors and some kind of therapy for my anxiety. How I wish I can be young again when I don't really care about feeling insecure about myself and my body.. To everyone of you who feels exactly the same, I just want to tell you you're not alone and it's okay. It's hard but it's okay.

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